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The Force Awakens (spoiler free zone)

Saw it yesterday with izzy and this morning at 6am, so many feels. SO MANY.

I am excite

Less than one week until I start my new position at work :D

Also, I've developed a love for the Man from U.N.C.L.E. reboot and rekindled my love for the TV show. They're all so pretty! Especially if it's Napoleon in either version getting boned ;)

Dear Yulegoat

It's my favorite time of year - Yuletide!

Yuletide letterCollapse )

Er, hello

Apparently I now update about once a year. I need to work on that.

Life has been going good, Earl and Eva are hale and hearty (she's still a diva and he's still a lovable asshole). Crochet has become my fandom of choice along with yarn, there are some I just want to roll around naked in a bathtub with. I'm looking at you, Shibui Silk Cloud, I'm looking at you (even if you'd be annoying as fuck to frog) *tactile person checking in*.

I wrote a thing for Yuletide this year, Jeeves and the Rummy Stitch and got who's left and who's leaving by spuffyduds. It was lovely and hurt in all the right places. Thank you!!!!

VividCon was fun this year, very low key. I had a great time talking to people and look forward to next year.


Just squeaking in under the wire before reveals but I got the awesome fic, Jeeves and the Amatory Dilemma. 23k works of Jeeves/Wooster AWESOMENESS.

I don’t know if you have ever had your torso scraped with a butter knife by your valet. There is not much in the experience to recommend it. Particularly when you suspect said valet is not entirely happy with you, and so wields the implement with more vim than strictly necessarily.

Or, the tale of how Bertie and Jeeves finally Confessed All to each other, despite – or, possibly, because of – the passion-dampening affects of Giant Squirts, thwarted wrestling, unhappy boating, rabbits (both of the Luminous and Dream varieties), an aunt who breakfasts on the ground bones of nephews who displease her, and a pair of very natty yellow socks.

Thank you, thank you, thank you awesome writer who gifted me with this fic. It makes me so very happy, I've been asking for Jeeves/Wooster for every Yuletide since 2007. I really did make high pitched squealing noises and seal-clapped when I read it. :D :D :D

Another Yuletide fic that filled me with joy:

The Wanderer's Reply to the Seafarer (The Exeter Book). Poetry in Anglo-Saxon. POETRY IN ANGLO-SAXON. With footnotes! And a translation! I am in serious awe of this author.

VividCon - need a room

Because I totally fail at forward planning, I don't have a room yet. Does anyone have space in their room for Thu-Sun nights? *puppy dog eyes*

House that Slash Built Reunion Weekend

Yesterday, [dreamwidth.org profile] fairestcat and I showed [dreamwidth.org profile] izzy ALL the Marvel movies (five movies in one day was a lot of fun but man, by the time we got to Captain America, we were all a little crispy fried around the edges). This morning, we went with a bunch of other people to go see Avengers in the theater before heading to a Lebanese restaurant and having tasty food. A very good time was had by all :D

YEAH! \o/!\o/!\o/!

Assuming I pass the background check, I have a new job that starts Monday!!! IN MY ACTUAL FIELD, zomg! I'll be doing sample prep at Covance in Nutritional Food Chemistry Services, it's very entry level and I'm a bit overqualified for it and it's only temp through the end of the year, but it's a good starting point and OH MY FUCKING GOD, I FINALLY HAVE A JOB WHERE I CAN USE MY DEGREE! \o/! It only took me a year to get it (the fact that it was a phone interview probably helped, I get very nervous doing in-person interviews).

Because of a bunch of things, I'm going to have to keep working my current job for 3 weeks while working my new job, which means that I'll be a little crispy fried around the edges come Friday. But, the paychecks will be very, very nice and go some way to compensating working 70+ hours a week ;)



Fun, fun for the next 7 Sundays!

New Time Team *and* Top Gear showing on the same day! This makes me very happy :)

In other news, I got an iPhone earlier this week (named it Watson and I love it so much, more power in the palm of my hand than in the iMac I had in '98) and am fighting off some sort of head/sinus sickness. Now I just need to add a wider variety of music to my iPhone so it isn't the Super Furry Animals Channel all the time *g* (and finish that Top Gear fic I started in October and tried finishing Friday night)

Yuletide letter

Dear Yuletide author,

THANK YOU AUTHOR! You are the reason Yuletide is my favorite time of year :)

I like nearly everything, if I had to pick a few of my favorite things they would be: angst, humor, hurt/comfort, first times, kink (bondage, d/S), crack and happy endings.

I don't like major character death or rape/non-con.

If you have any questions, [dreamwidth.org profile] izzy can attempt to answer them.


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