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FIC: SGA "Going Once..." (John/Rodney/Teyla/Ronon aka OT4, PG-13)

Title: Going Once
Author: lovelokest
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~1000 words
Warnings: Gratuitous use of leather pants/bodices
Archive: Knock yourself out, just let me know so I can look!
Disclaimer: I don't own them, if I did they wouldn't wear any clothes. Ever. Except maybe leather.
Summary: An off-world mission doesn't go quite as planned as John is put on the auction block.
Author's Notes: Written for the Blame Someone Else Challenge:

lovelokest will be blamed for notpoetry's request -- John finds himself suddenly up on the auction block on an alien world ... and the team as a whole have to pool their resources to get him back. But there are rules about what owners do with their slaves ... (John/Rodney/Teyla/Ronon)

Many many thanks to bipagan for the beta job! In my mind, she is the reason John is up on the auction block ;).

Rodney watched John walk the few stairs up to the auction platform with a grim frown on his face, a quick glance to either side of him told him that he wasn't the only one having trouble stopping himself from reaching for his weapon. The slave before him went for a high price, the slave buying audience loving the defiant tilt to her head, the way her leather pants clung to her ass and the plunge of her leather bodice over ample cleavage.

Rodney had a horrible feeling that slave owners on this planet liked to break their slaves.

Auction assistants pushed a recalcitrant John to stand next to the auctioneer. The auctioneer was showing John off, running his hands down John's lean chest and torso and cupping his crotch through tight leather pants. The auctioneer spun John around to display his athletically muscled back and ass giving the latter a sharp slap, chuckling as John jumped. The auctioneer lingered at John's wrists, lovingly stroking the rope bounds.

Teyla's eyes narrowed, Ronon growled and Rodney felt nothing but pure hated for this planet.

The bidding started high, judging by Teyla's quickly indrawn breath, much higher than she had expected. Teyla bid aggressively and soon the poorer slave buyers were forced to drop out of the auction. Teyla only paused once, when John's price went above what they could afford. Surprising even himself, Rodney shouted out twice that amount. When the auctioneer called out for the next bid, the remaining slave buyer shook his head in defeat.

Auction house representatives moved towards them, ushering them to a small office to fill out the sale agreement. Rodney never knew that buying a slave had more paperwork than traveling to another galaxy. Rodney half listened to the auctioneer as he went through the terms and conditions of sale, his mind flipping through what they would have to do to get the required goods to pay for John.

Rodney's attention snapped back to the room when he heard the auction house assistant say the most important requirement in the sale of a slave was "All buyers present at the auction must engage in sexual relations with the slave before any money or goods are exchanged and the sale is finalized. If you are not satisfied with your new slave, you have until after sexual relations are finished to void the sale."

"What?" Rodney sputtered incredulously.

"I'm sorry, if you do not fulfill all terms of the contract, then not only will the sale be void but all buyers may be sold at the next slave auction." The auction house assistant didn't look sorry to Rodney – he looked like he was enjoying it. Rodney really did not like this planet.

"The Colonel will understand Rodney," Rodney knew Teyla was trying to be kind - if he had to share John with anyone he would choose Ronon and Teyla.

"I don't share well," was all Rodney said as he signed the papers, his hand shaking slightly from nerves. Neither Ronon nor Teyla looked surprised at Rodney's comment.

"We know about your relationship with John." Teyla must have seen shock on Rodney's face because she quickly said, "it is only obvious to us because we know you so well."

"Now for the matter of payment, while payment is due after full completion of the sale we require the method and amount of payment prior to the commencement of sexual relations." Teyla nodded and started to negotiate payment for John.


John was lying down on a large bed filled with large fluffy pillows, the leather he had worn at the auction replaced by garments made of clingy sheer silk. Rodney was relieved to see that John's eyes were bright and clear, free of any drug haze - if slightly annoyed at being dressed like a cheap harem slut.

Rodney crossed the room with broad strides and kissed John softly, his lips lingering and his tongue dipping shallowly into his mouth. John pulled away from the kiss and rested his forehead against Rodney's. Rodney breathed in deeply, the familiar scent of John covered by perfumes and oils that he hated – but if he breathed in deep enough, he could find the very edge of John's scent and that was good enough for him.

"Did they tell you the terms of the contract?" Rodney asked quietly.

John nodded and suddenly Ronon and Teyla were there, touching John on his back and arms.

Rodney raised his head from John's and saw identical wicked grins on John, Teyla and Ronon. "You planned this, didn't you?"

"If we did, would you mind?" John asked with his thumb rubbing against Rodney's palm.

Rodney leaned in and kissed John deeply, fucking his mouth with his tongue, "At least it wasn’t alien drugs."

John simply grinned and kissed him equally as deeply and lay back, pulling Rodney to lie between his thighs. Ronon and Teyla lay on either side of John and Rodney, their hands skating indiscriminately between them.

Rodney broke his kiss with John and hesitated over who he wanted to kiss next. Teyla made the choice for him, her mouth warm and inviting as she kissed him. Rodney groaned into her mouth as she rolled him over onto his back and held him down firmly with her body. Rodney gained new appreciation for working out and vowed to do it more often. Out of the corner of his eye he could see John being pressed into the mattress by Ronon and while Rodney had thought extensively about what John would look like being pressed into the mattress, the reality of it was hotter than he had ever imagined.

With reluctance Teyla pulled away, moving to kiss John. As Rodney kissed Ronon, he wondered if John was seeking out his taste on Teyla's tongue like he was doing with Ronon. Ronon pulled back from the kiss until just their lips were touching and with more tenderness than Rodney would previously have given him credit for, touched his cheek. Ronon looks straight into Rodney's eyes, his gaze dark with lust and something much deeper and scarier because it looks to Rodney a lot like love.

Ronon kissed him again with his lips harder and the intent more carnal before stopping and reaching for Teyla to kiss her. Rodney watched them kiss, and Christ do they look beautiful together. John has turned his head towards Rodney and is watching him intensely, "Good idea?" He asks Rodney in a low voice.

"Very good idea John," John's hair was soft under his hand as he kissed John awkwardly and sweetly, tasting his future lovers on John’s tongue.

Tags: fic, sga fic

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